Tue. May 26th, 2020

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Titans Together

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Being in quarantine sucks for everyone. Students and teachers have been moved to online classes and are forced to be away from people. Everything is online now. Student Leadership has found a way for kids and anyone else. They have put together a community to help people be social and have fun while being in quarantine, instead of being bored and alone. Student Leadership has put on some amazing activities and challenges for our students and teachers.

The first thing they put on was Spirit Week. It started on March 30th and ended on April 3rd. Each day you posted a picture or video of yourself to any social media platform and used the #TitansTogether. This was a good way to start off quarantine for everyone.

made by: Amy Nguyen

Day one of Spirit Week: Morning Hair

Day Two of Spirit Week: TikTok Tuesday

Day Three of Spirit Week: Wellness Wednesday


Day Four of Spirit Week: Throwback Thursday

Day Five of Spirit Week: Farewell Friday

After Spirit Week was over they put out a weeks worth of challenges for everyone to complete. You would post yourself doing the challenges and use the #TitansTogether for everyone to see.

Made by: Truc Dao
Made by: Truc Dao

Next on the list was the Art Show. You submitted your art and again used #TitansTogether. Your art could range from sidewalk chalk to posters.

made by: Truc Dao

There are so many other things going on for everyone to do. Student Leadership has been doing amazing things.

Made by: Truc Dao
May 2020
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