May 18, 2024

New Species of Chocolate Frog in Peru

While in Peru, exploring the Amazon Rainforest, researchers came across something that was quite unusual. And that unusual thing was a chocolate frog.

The Chocolate Frog, as they called it, was a tiny new species of frog, measuring up to 0.7 of an inch, about 1.79 cm. It was small and had brownish skin, with a slight tint of red. It’s underside was a cream color, with it’s backside being speckled with brown spots. But what was really unique about it was its nose.

The nose, unlike any other frog nose, was Tapir-like and slightly curved. The curved nose, after studies, was found out to be used for burrowing underground in the moist soil of the Rainforest.

A comparison between the Chocolate Frog and the Tapir

Because of their size and ability to burrow under the surface, this species is very hard to find, and researchers only found the frogs by their distinctive calls.

Little is known about this frog currently, as it is still pretty new, but for this frog, people have already began to call this animal something other than Chocolate Frog. One name is Rana Danta and it stands for “Tapir frog”, a reference to its nose.