December 8, 2023

Travis Scott’s Billboard Comeback

Travis Scott is one of the largest names in the modern music landscape. Scott has been constantly innovating with different sounds in the trap and psychedelic rap subgenres, as well as influencing his peers and fellow Texan contemporaries. Scott left his mentor, Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D. Music to start his very own label in Cactus Jack. Scott has been prolific in 2010’s pop culture being everywhere from Fortnite to having his own McDonald’s meal.

All of this is to give a background on why his album was so highly speculated about and anticipated by fans. Scott in the latter half of 2021 began the rollout of Utopia and possibly a sister album titled Dystopia, which was rumored to be released before Utopia to build anticipation. Scott released 2 tracks before 2021’s astrofest in Houston. Escape Plan, and Mafia ft J. Cole released supposedly attached to Dystopia, with cover art which characterized Scott as the ‘Bat Boy’ with the word dystopia plastered on it.

Travis Scott – “Escape Plan” & “Mafia”
Mafia and Escape Plan cover art

Tragedy struck shortly after the singles released at Astrofest when multiple attendees died during the show. Travis the next day shared his condolences and other artists did the same. Trouble however, continued to follow him. Lawsuits started to build up after the disaster and Scott went into a less public state. Scott stayed relatively recluse appearing in the rare photo or studio session. Scott also appeared on projects like Kanye’s Donda 2, on the track Pablo.

Scott started to make public with his charity project, ‘Project HEAL’. Travis in the time also welcomed his second child into the world, with his ongoing romantic partner Kylie Jenner. But what is catching people’s attentions is Scott’s reappearances in the studio and his billboards. Travis recently has been spotted in the studio no doubt still working on the two albums, maybe even adding part of the trauma he may have endured from the astrofest tragedy into the lyrics. There is no way Utopia isn’t coming due to Scott’s decision to release billboards in promotion. The billboards read, ‘Looking for UTOPIA,’ ‘Psst,’ ‘WRONG WAY!’ as well as one with his Cactus Jack logo on it.

Travis Scott slammed for 'utopia' comeback after Astroworld tragedy
billboards located on the I-10 in the direction of Coachella in Indio, California
Travis Scott slammed for 'utopia' comeback after Astroworld tragedy

The future is looking better for Scott and hopefully we get some music from him this summer.