May 18, 2024

Logan Paul NEW Flavor of PRIME

Logan Paul, amateur boxer and online personality has released a new flavor of his incredibly popular hydration drink, PRIME Energy. PRIME Energy being a company Paul and fellow amateur boxer and online personality, KSI, created together. The new flavor is called “Meta Moon” and it joins the rest of the drinks with flavors including, Ice Pop, Lemon-Lime, Blue Raspberry and more. Meta Moon released to stores like Walmart, Target and Kroger September 12th. George from the Impaulsive podcast, headed by Logan Paul, described the flavor as a cotton candy and berry hybrid from Disneyland.

The drink contains 20 calories, zero-added sugar, electrolytes and is made up of 10% coconut water. Sold in singles or packs including 12 bottles. Packs on the website sell for up to 29.99 USD.

Logan Paul promoting Meta Moon
Promotional Material for Meta Moon released by Paul on Instagram