June 15, 2024

Mcdonalds Adult Happy Meal Overview

McDonald’s started a collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market or CPFM called “Adult Happy Meal”. for a limited time. There’s 2 meals which you can choose between a Big Mac or a 10 piece chicken nugget with a small fry and a large drink, it also includes 1 of 4 toys. The toys are named “Cactus Buddy” “Hamburgler” “Grimace” and “Birdie”. Kind of disappointed that one of the toys wasn’t Ronald McDonald. The meal does cost 9$ plus tax, so 10$. I personally got the meal yesterday, I can tell you that it at least worth 6-7$. I only wanted the meal for the box and the toy, and I got the one I wanted, theres a 25% chance of getting the one you want. I know this is a short story today but I just wanted to cover about this collab. I have no idea when the collab will end, so if you wanted the meal I do suggest you get it within this week.

McDonald’s twitter tweet