December 2, 2023

Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills Overview

1st Quarter

The Buffalo Bills start off with the ball first and on 2nd and 11 Josh Allen throws to his wide receiver for a 10+ yard gain. The Bills are driving down the field, looking like they are going to score on the opening drive, but then Josh Allen throws to his running back behind him and he fumbles it. The Chiefs pick it up and they now have possession of the ball. By rule, if they throw the ball behind them it is considered a fumble. It is now Mahomes turn, he drives down the field and shreds this defense up. But in the endzone he throws an interception. Bills get the ball back, the first play they throw a bomb to the wide receiver for a huge gain. That would be the end of the first quarter, score: 0-0.

2nd Quarter

Bills have the ball to start off the 2nd quarter but that doesnt last long because its 3rd and 9, Allen almost gets sacked but he throws to his running back, he gets hit mid air and he drops the ball. The Bills settle for a field goal, score is 0-3. Mahomes doing Mahomes things throws to his tight end for decent gains. On 3rd and 10, Mahomes scrambles then throws across his body to his wide receiver and he goes in and score a Chiefs touchdown, score is now 7-3. The Bills keep running the ball with the running back which is working because it gets them in the Chiefs RedZone. On 3rd and goal Allen scrambles but almost get’s sacked, he throws the ball away. It is 4th and goal and Allen once again throws he ball just in time before he gets hit. He throws to his running back but he trips which leads to a turnover on downs, Chiefs ball. 3rd and 10, Mahomes is in the endzone, gets hit from behind but he throws to his wide receiver for a first down. 2nd and 10 Mahomes gets slammed for a Bills sack, making it 3rd and 19. Bills bring pressure and Mahomes is scrambling but they hit him from behind. 4th down, Chiefs punt. They get the bills at the 1 yard line. on 3rd and 13, Allen almost gets sacked but somehow gets the ball off for a first down and more. under 30 seconds left, Allen throws a huge pass to his wide receiver for a touchdown. Score is 7-10. Mahomes and the chiefs get the ball with 12 seconds this time. They get to field goal range with Butker hitting a 62 yard field goal. Score is now 10-10.

3rd Quarter

Starting the 2nd half the Chiefs get the ball. On the first play they run with the running back. On 3rd and 9 Mahomes, gets hit low while throwing to his wide receiver for a first down. 3rd and 7 Mahomes throws to his TE for another first down. 3rd and 7 again but luck runs out for the Chiefs. They fall short and go for a field goal, and the kicker misses. Bills get the ball midfield, Josh Allen and the Bills start shredding the Chiefs up, 2nd and 5 Allen throws up another one for his wide receiver for a Bills touchdown. Score is 10-17. Chiefs get the ball getting down field into the Bills RedZone. 3rd and goal, Mahomes throws a bullet to his wide receiver for a Chiefs touchdown. Score is 17-17. Bills get the ball back and mid field its 3rd and 1, they run the ball but they get stopped. They go for it on 4th and 3, it is an incomplete pass, Chiefs get ball back.

4th quarter

Starting the 4th quarter, Chiefs have ball and its 3rd and 13, Mahomes is scrambling everywhere but gets hit from behind. Chiefs settle for a field goal, score is now 20-17. Bills have the ball, it is 3rd and 10. Josh Allen gets sacked and its now Chiefs ball again. On their own 20 yard line its 3rd and 6. Mahomes get sacked from behind, the Bills get the ball back. It is 3rd and 1 and they run the ball but he doesnt get the first down. It is 4th and inches, they go with a quarter back sneak for the first down. Josh Allen drives down the field into the Chiefs RedZone. It is 2nd and 12, Allen throws a touchdown to his TE. Score is 20-24. Chiefs get the ball, it is 1st and 10 with under a minute. Mahomes throws another interception, the Bills get the ball and end the game. Final score being 20-24.