May 19, 2024

Story of The Russian Sleep Experiment

In the 1940s, Soviet Union scientists tried to develop a drug to keep soldiers from falling asleep during battles, the goal was to improve their performance in combat. The Soviets were competing against the Nazis in WWII as they had methamphetamine called pervitin and the Allies used a substance called Benzitane. Soviets needed to outperform their drugs by any means so they would use prisoners of war as test subjects. The researchers would set up a test site where they would monitor and test five prisoners for the drug for a month making sure they would stay awake, and in turn, they would be set free. The subjects were always stocked with food, beds, water, toilets, and cameras with the substances gas constantly pumped into their room. Before the experiment ended, the participants would not survive.

Days 1-3

The experiment so far shows success with the prisoners being healthy, the researchers are boasting that the drug will be far more effective than any other drug.

Day 4-5

The experiment shows signs of failure as the subjects began talking about war and their fears of it, also discussed the traumas and nightmares each subject had witnessed. On day 5, the men talk about psychosis, they would talk to themselves and talk to people who were not there. Each subject gets paranoid about the other and whispers into the microphones, speaking to the researchers about the other subjects, the researchers were aware of the consequences of sleep deprivation. It is common to hallucinate after not sleeping for several days, the researchers were wondering whether it was the gas or sleep deprivation.

Day 9-14

One of the subjects would start screaming and running around the room without signs of stopping until his vocal cords blew out that only would let him squeak. The other subjects did not react, they just sat in silence. Days passed and the researchers were unable to hear or see the prisoners on the cameras. The researchers still knew that the prisoners were still alive as the oxygen levels were detecting 5 men. As the researchers could not see them, they spoke into the microphone, informing the prisoners that they would enter the room to see what was going on, if the prisoners complied, the researchers would set one prisoner free. One prisoner responded with “We no longer want to be free”. The researchers would go in anyway. But before that, the researchers turned off the gas, but the prisoners started screaming pleading for the gas to be turned back on.

Day 15

The researchers would open the doors and in the middle of the room, they saw one man dead. The man was missing his arms and legs, while the other prisoners were wounded badly, discovering that the wounds were self-inflicted, examples were the men tearing apart their muscles and skin revealing their own organs, and some organs were spread out on the floor. They saw them eating themselves alive while enjoying it, but still pleading for the gas. The researchers left but called upon soldiers for aid, and once the soldiers came in, a subject immediately ripped a soldier’s throat out, and another had been neutered. A total of five soldiers were killed. Soon after most soldiers had taken their own lives. To remove the prisoners, the researchers used enough morphine into the prisoners to knock them out, but the prisoners were still frantically moving. During the brawl, one prisoner had lost all of their blood and died while still pleading for gas. Then the three remaining prisoners were strapped down but still fought as the doctors tried to put their organs back in the body, one man died immediately. Another subject was put back together even though he had enough damage for him to be dead, though the entire process he was laughing and talking about the gas. The last prisoner, through the whole process, was smiling while staring down the nurse while trying to speak to her, so she gave him a pen and paper, and he would write “Keep Cutting” on it. A lead researcher would put them back on the gas with EEG monitoring, keeping track of brain activity but just dying down to a flatline, he was dead. When the last subject was shot by a researcher, the subject responded with “We are you, we are the madness that lurks within you all, begging to be free in your every moment”, then he was shot again and he died. The End, but in the end, this may or may not be real, but mainly not real.