December 2, 2023

What’s Up With Beyonce and Her Daughter Blue Ivy?

Social media has told us for years that Beyonce is a member of the illuminati, but now the internet is adding more conspiracies about her. Not necessarily trying to run the world, but telling us that it’s “ending” is coming from her Renaissance tour.

She was inspired to start her singing career after going to Michael Jackson’s concert when she was a little girl and then got into the “industry”. She was also a part of a girl group called Destiny’s Child with two other singers. That’s when her singing career took off for the greater and she got her fame.

Beyonce (left) standing beside Blue Ivy (right)

Just like any other celebrity, there’s always conspiracies about them “selling their soul” to get famous and be known. Even most of Beyonce’s fans question her during her concerts (catching some odd things about her while on and off stage, ex: eyes turning fully black, confessing that she has another “person take over her body” before she performs, words to her songs) fans have even reversed her most top-hit songs and revealing demonic verses being said while playing it backwards.

There’s is much evidence and details to go about Beyonce but lets talk about her daughter. Now Beyonce has never shown her kids to the public very much, but now that Blue Ivy is much older she has been showing up on stage with her mom, which made Beyonce’s fandom go crazy. Ever since Blue Ivy has been performing on stage with her mother people have been noticing her making the masonic symbol of a triangle with her hands at almost every concert Beyonce has had recently, and since then there has been rumors of Blue Ivy being an “illuminati baby”. They aren’t trying to hide anything and is all in the publics eye..

Blue Ivy and backup dancers (left) and Beyonce (right) at the Renaissance tour