December 2, 2023

Dream Concerts: From deleting his face reveal to going on tour for everyone to see

After stepping into the music industry, YouTuber Dream, announced his tour on August 4 he would be going on tour:

“the secrets out, I’m going LIVE ON TOUR, putting on a show that’s much more than just music with friends, special guests, and lots of memorable experiences.”

Who is Dream?

“Dream” ,also known as Clay , is an 23 year old American YouTuber extremally popular for his Minecraft streams on YouTube. The Streamer Gained massive traction on the platform gaining over 30 billions subscribers. Dream has been actively online since 2014 and had started to gain popularity in 2019 after releasing his YouTube series “Minecraft Manhunt”. However, the Youtuber would gain most of his recognition off of his “Minecraft Speed Run” Series. Dream would keep his identity a secret after years of hiding behind white smiley face mask during livestreams leaving fans eager to learn what was behind the mask.

Revealing his identity

In October of 2022 Dream would reveal his face in his YouTube video “hi, I’m Dream” that received over 57 million views before it was deleted. Dream gained lots of negative attention from this video. Some even made comparisons such as Rumpelstiltskin and Lord Farquaad. After receiving so much hate, Dream would post another video a year later called “bye, from Dream” where he put the mask back on.

 “After face revealing and removing my mask, I regretted the attention and hate, and am walking it back,” Dream explained in the video’s description.

Deleted the face-reveal video and vowed to be a faceless creator again. however did not stick to his word when he decided to go on tour on August 4, 2023

Videos from the tour

If you’re on TikTok you have most likely seen the viral video of Dream crying while on stage. This video quickly blew and up and got a lot of hate from viewers. Dream would duet this video under his blankets saying:

“200,000 likes on a TikTok. Making fun of me for crying during a song I wrote for my dead friend.”

Nevertheless, viewers still shared the same hatred towards the Youtuber:

“It should’ve gotten more likes”

“The way I started cackling”

However, other fans showed sympathy:

“ignore them. There’s nothing wrong with crying <3”

“don’t let them get to you, you don’t need to explain your emotions you’re just fine king”

Concert experiences

With a 4.7 star review on Ticket Master, many fans wrote about their experiences:

“This was actually the best experience of my life and if I could’ve I would’ve gone to every show!!! I went opening night and everything about it was great, the opener, the venue, the confetti, just everything!!” Brook, fan of dream, says.

Another fan had a different take.

“mid mid mid everything about him was mid and the crowd was weird and he has horrible crowd control and he has no voice without autotune”