April 15, 2024

The Amazing Digital Circus: Is It Good? -OPINION

The Amazing Digital Circus is a new series, up-coming to Youtube. The Amazing Digital Circus is a show with only a pilot so far, being worked on by Glitch Production. The main person to start The Amazing Digital Circus is Gooseworx, who is coincidentally also the voice actor of Zooble, a character in the show.

Onto what we’ve gotten so far. In The Amazing Digital Circus, it’s a nonsensical place of the internet, where you get permanently put in there by putting on a VR headset of sorts. With that, we meet the characters; Ragatha, Jax, Zooble, Gangle, Bubble, Caine, and Kinger. Then, you meet the main character. She starts off nameless, being an extremely pale girl in a Jester outfit. As the show progresses, the girl gets the name Pomni, which means “remember” in Russian, more likely a reference to how when you enter the Circus you lose your memories. Then, the first obstacle is revealed, the Zloinks. Jax groups Kinger and Gangle to handle the Zloinks while him, Ragatha, and Pomni go to get one of their friends named Kaufmo. Then the show goes on from there. I’m not going to spoil too much, incase you wish to watch the show.

In general, The Amazing Digital Circus is a really interesting concept so far; By putting on a VR headset and making one wrong move, you disappear and get stuck in a digital realm where you have to deal with chaos and try not to lose your mind or else you’ll lose yourself. I would highly recommend giving it a watch, if you want to see something that’s chaotic, yet interesting.