May 21, 2024

Small plane makes emergency landing near Towne West Mall

On Friday, Evening of October 20th, a small plane made an emergency landing near Towne West Mall. This caused lots of chaos near Traft and Tracy Street as the report says she hit street signs and etc. According to Valerie Wise with the Wichita Airport Authority, a Cessna experienced engine failure, causing the plane to make an emergency landing. The article also states there was only one female on board According to the Wichita Police Department. she had minor injuries.

WPD Captain Hunt stated “she was coming from the north, trying to get to the Eisenhower Airport, and was just not able to make it. So, she hit a couple of streets signs, but other than that, there was no damage, No striking other vehicles. Nothing. we couldn’t ask for a better scenario’ said hunt”

Later Dispatchers confirm at least one person was treated for minor injuries. The WPD claimed to say she saved lives and that “NO ONE WAS INJURED”.

Although earlier in the article they stated “at least one person was treated for injuries”. There is also worry about her being the only female pilot on board during engine failure. There are many questions asking have this happened before and hunt stated “I think in my 28 -year career, we’ve only really had a couple of situations like this. I think pilots are being trained amazingly, and she’s a perfect example for that, Able to get that down, and now one was injured.”

What do y’all think about this crazy situation?

Was Anybody injured? (if so are they OK?)