May 18, 2024

Rain World: Downpour – A New Secret?

As mentioned on many other stories, Rain World is a game on steam for $24.99 on Steam, PS4, and Xbox Game pass. The DLC of Rain World is $14.99. As of recently, a secret has been discovered in Rain World that no one has figured out since it seemed like just a random showcase of the Rain World slugcats. As of recently though, it is actually a secret for an unlockable that can take hours to get if you attempt it on your own. To do the secret you have to go into specific areas as specific slugcats. For example, there is an area in Sky Islands that you need to go to as Monk. Second, you need to go to Outskirts as Survivor, and further on. The hardest three would have to be Rivulet, Saint, and Spearmaster. As Saint you have to go to an area in the Overgrowth, as Spearmaster you have to go to the roof of Looks To The Moon’s area, and for Rivulet you have to get to Submerged Superstructure’s Bitter Aerie. If you wish to do the secret, I highly recommend getting on Youtube and searching for Lolight2 or FuryForged’s videos on it.