June 15, 2024

Jackie Kennedy Gives a Tour of the White House

Jackie Kennedy, the iconic First Lady, captivated the country with her grace, style, and looks made such a huge impact on American history. On February 14, 1962 (Valentine’s Day), as the wife of 35th President John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis gives a tour of the White House.

Jackie Kennedy was born on July 28th, 1929 in Southampton, NY. She had seven siblings and her parents were Janet and John Bouvier. She and her younger sister Caroline, grew up in Manhattan. She was busy during her childhood, she learned how to speak French, did ballet, and took horseback riding lessons. In 1947, she enrolled at Vassar University (a private school) which is in Poughkeepsie Town, NY. She also studied abroad in Paris, France before she transferred to George Washington University (a private school) in Washington, DC. She earned a degree in French literature in 1951. After, she worked as a photographer for the Washington Time Herald. Later, in 1952, she met later on President, John F. Kennedy. Jackie had a passion for history, art, and culture. She recognized the value of preserving and celebrating these aspects of society. She had a strong desire to show the importance of the White House.

The purpose of the tour is that she wanted to share the beauty and cultural significance of the White House with America, especially with children. Her goal of preserving and enhancing the historical importance of the White House was to make the staterooms in the house look like they did in the past generations. She wanted to show off the history and art of the presidential mansion.

The tour was broadcasted on CBS NEWS, and the experience was very comforting but elegant. She first goes back to explain old pieces of art and then tells there backgrounds that surround the house. She explained everything in a calm and sweet voice. During the tour, she wore a beautiful darkish-red two-piece dress. Jackie paid attention to every little detail and showed off the special parts of each room. Everything about the tour was amazing.

Jackie’s White House tour had a lasting impact. She showed the historical importance of the house. Her work made people more interested in the White House, she got people excited to watch the tour because she made it entertaining.

Overall, Jacqueline Kennedy’s White House tour helped preserve and promote American history. She restored the state rooms of the White House to reflect its artistic and architectural history. Her passion for history, art, and culture inspired others.