May 24, 2024

Freshmen 2

IMG_1587Marco Sustaita

– Marco is in 21st Century Journalism, music appreciation, spanish, and P.E. He loves music, loves listening to it, and plays the viola, but he is not in Orchestra. Marco said his first day of school was “fun”. When asked if he liked carrying around the 3 inch binder he said, “I don’t like it, it’s too crowded”. Marco might do track, but does not know. I asked Marco how most freshmen were. He replied, “Most freshmen hang out in the courtyard for lunch. And they don’t really act bad to teachers”.

IMG_1590Madison Birchfield

– Madison’s core classes are mostly Honors. She is taking Photo Imaging, P.E., and Women’s Chorus. Her favorite class is World History with teacher Christopher Dreher. “My World History teacher is awesome”! Madison loves singing, which explains why she is in Women’s Chorus. When asked about the 3 inch binder she stated, “I don’t really like it It takes up too much room. I had already brought a binder for school, so I just wasted my money”! Madison said she might join the ‘Young Life’ club. She might try out for swimming too. I asked Madison how is her freshmen class. She said “They always hang out in the hallways, or outside somewhere.” She said they act ‘Childish’ most of the times. But isn’t that how all of us were at some point!