May 19, 2024

Preparing For Halloween!!!

  Are you ready for Halloween, because I am!!! Preparing for Halloween is a very fun thing to do. You get to decorate your house, choose your costume, buy the BIGGEST pumpkin, get candy from complete strangers, and go to very SCARY Haunted Houses. Halloween is like the best holiday except for Christmas, when you get many presents from those relatives you haven’t seen since last Christmas. They only ever come around when there is food and gifts!

dead end zone   The best Haunted House to go to are: Field Of Screams X (Maize, KS), Isle Of Screams (Wichita, KS), Forest Of Terror (Wichita, KS), The World At War Zombie Apocalypse (Wichita, KS), Dead End Zone Haunted Forest (Colwich, KS), Haunted Heights (Hoisington, KS), Udall Forest Of Fear (Udall, KS), WAREHOUSE of TERRORS (Milton, KS), and Zombie Toxin Haunted House (Junction City).

    When decorating your house,what do you expect it to look like? Funny, scary, terrifying, horrible, frightening, dangerous, spine-chilling, and/or pee-your-pants? Well most people love when their houses turn out to be even scarier then a scariest Haunted House. There are always Black cats, ghost, spider webs, graves, misplaced body parts, and many other hideous props.

What is the scariest thing you seen at someone’s house?scary house

— Green hands that pop up out of the candy bowls

— Scarecrows that looked stuffed with hay, but is actually the ‘old’ man next door who smells like coffee and moth balls

— Zombies jumping out of coffins, that make your younger brother scream like a little girl

— Gardens with plants that look as if they could chew your legs off, but is really like that due to the owner not liking ‘yard work’

The FUN part of Halloween is picking Pumpkins. There are tall, skinny, lumpy, short, smooth, wide, lopsided, perfect, etc. pumpkins that you can use to carve


How about those costumes? Which costume do you like better?

SCARY SCARY costumeCUTE CUTE costumes

There are many different costumes to choose from. Anything from “Zombies brought back to life” to “Baby Superman”. I for one love scary costumes. They have many other costumes in stock and on display at Party

You can also get costumes and decorations from Wal-Mart, Target, and Kohl’s.

Don’t forget the pumpkins. You can carve your pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns. You can make super scary faces or really funny faces. With the pumpkins you get, you can use the seeds and bake them. That will be an awesome snack for the kids. And you can make pumpkin bread out of the slimy inside of the pumpkin. Picking the right pumpkin is the fun part.

Pumpkin Patches in Wichita;

– A-Maze-In-Grace on 2130 S.Webb Road Wichita, KS 67207. Phone: (316) 712-9129

– Bergmann Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch on 8401 S. Meridian, Haysville, KS 67060. Phone: (316) 522-3475. Website:

– Cox Farm on 6059 S. Seneca, Wichita, KS 67060. Phone: (316) 524-8062 Website:

– Klausmeyer Dairy Farm Tours and Pumpkin Patch on 8135 S. 119 st. west, Clearwater, Wichita 67026. Phone: (316) 706-5391 Website:

Pumpkin patch pumpkin

Everyone LOVES candy. There are many types of candy to satisfy any picky eater! There are sour, sweet, hard, and chewy. According to the National Confectioners Association, 72% of all candy spending this halloween will be on chocolate. Last year, more than $12.6 billion was spent on chocolate in the United States. The top-selling chocolate is: Reese’s, M&M’s, Snickers, Hershey’s, Kit Kat, Twix 4 To Go, 3 Musketeers, Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme, Milky Way, and Almond Joy.Reese's

Skittle’s are also a very popular for a fruity candy. They have many flavors like: Tropical, Wild Berry, Tart-N-Tangy, Crazy Cores, Confused?, Crazy Sours, Sour, Smoothie Mix, Chocolate Mix, Dark Side, and Ice Cream Treats.