December 2, 2023

Fashion Update: Buttons


Buttons are the new trend that is growing at South High School. People have been putting buttons on there lanyards to decorate it like the one up above (symbolizing that dinosaurs are unstoppable). Which is a really nice way to get creative with your lanyards. There are many different kinds of buttons from Adventure Time to Zombies. Even though we have to wear lanyards you can be creative about it and put buttons on it and they could even symbolize you. Like if you have a Black Ops it could mean you like the game or you like to play video games.



Here is an example of a lanyard with buttons on it (on the right above).  Then there is an another example of above on the left of a symbolized button. This button could mean that you like video games or that you like to play them. So if you want to get creative and show people who you are then go out and decorate your lanyard today!