April 15, 2024




There are so many different kinds of sharpies. There is ultra fine point which is good for little tiny details or to write with. Then theres the original fine point which is better to color with and some details. Theres also a retractable one thats the exact same thing as a fine point but instead of a cap its retractable. Then there is also a twin tip which is a fine point and a ultra fine point combined on to one marker. There is also a chisel tip which is a big think marker good for labeling.



There is also different colored sharpies from red to bronze. All the different kinds of sharpies come in all the different colored sharpies. The ultra fine points come in all colors like the fine point which is really good for drawing. Theres pinks and purples to blues and greens.

List of Colors: Black, Navy, Blue, Light Blue, Turquoise, Dark Green, Green, Light Green, Periwinkle, Purple, Light Brown, Hot Pink, Red, Sun Flower, Yellow, Sliver, Light Pink, Gold, Pink, Peach, Berry, Bronze, Brown, Grey, Orange, Yellow Orange, Coral, Light Purple, Lavender, Teal, Pistachio, Forest.

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Then there is also mini sharpies in fine point and ultra fine point. Which are really good carry ons, you can carry it on land yards back packs what ever you can think of. They come in all colors the regular ones do.




Then there is Metallic Sharpies that come in gold, sliver, and bronze. They really work good on black construction paper.  Then there also work great for home made cards to.


In 1857 Frederick W. Redington and William H. Sanford Jr. focuses on producing and selling ink and glue. In 1927 in celebration of Sanford’s 70th Birthday, the company commissions Norman Rockwell to create a painting for advertising use. In 1940 the company changes its name to Sanford Ink Company. In 1964 Sanford turns its focus to the emerging marker business and introduces the Sharpie marker, the black Fine Point marker becomes the first sharpie. In 1979 the introduced in four new colors and the Sharpie Extra Fine point marker. In 1989 The Ultra Fine Point is introduced which truly writes like a pen. In 1997 the have five different Sharpie markers and variety of colors. By the end of 2002 over 200 million sharpie markers have been produced.  In 2002 they launch six new Sharpie products and twelve more colors.