April 17, 2024

Ice Cream Of The Week (Feb. 10th – Feb.14th)

Peach is the ice-cream of the week. This ice-cream is really juicy, because of the peaches. The brand Breyers has peach ice-cream also but, it is a vanilla ice-cream with peach pieces mixed into it.There is a A fruity flavored ice-cream if you are not a fan of strawberries. Give your family a taste of summer sweetness all year long!

breyers peach ice cream

If you are a fan of peach cobbler then you could be a fan of this peach ice-cream. Peach cobbler is a hot dessert usually eaten with vanilla ice-cream. This peach ice-cream is kinda like peach cobbler, except it is cold. FREEZING COLD!!!!!Peach Cobbler