December 10, 2023


Have you been to the point of breaking? What about feeling like you can’t handle everything that’s piling up anymore? How about feeling like no matter ow much you try, you keep slowly sinking into a big black hole, one that is commonly called depression? If so, you’re probably experiencing the symptoms of stress. Stress is the state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting in some very complicated circumstances. The best ways to deal with these circumstances really is just learning to cope with the stress. To cope with stress, you first have to determine the stressors in the situation. A stressor is what is causing the stress. After you determine the stressor, there are four ways to deals with it . You can avoid it, alter it, adapt to handle it better or accept it.

Avoid it


Avoiding the stressor is really just doing everything you can to keep yourself out of the situation, and while in some cases it’s the best situation, it’s not always. Some of the cases in which it is a good idea include a certain area of town or a certain time in which traffic is too much. But you can’t always avoid stress. Actually in most cases, stress is caused by family life and work, two things that you really shouldn’t avoid.

Alter it



Change the situation only slightly to where it’s less stressful. By doing this you’re not changing your life too much, but simply making it easier for you to handle whatever it throws at you. Your after-school system is unorganized, moving to fast, and making it hard for you to get things done? Move things in your schedule around so that you are able to do more in less time. This is called time management, and people with better time management skills lead less stressful lives. This is because they have a schedule/system that puts the important things on the top of their list, combines what can be and leaves free time.



The picture kind of  explains it all. Change to make the situation less stressful. This is one of those situations where survival of the fittest comes in. Learn to be different, not like change your personality, but change what you let get to you. Try to be able to work under more pressure.  Make the situation less stressful with out changing it.

Accept it



The last thing you can do is accept it. Accept what is stressing you out, and don’t try to push it away. You HAVE to accept a situation before you can change it. If you don’t accept it you won’t understand it, and you have to understand it to fix it.

If you try these four simple ideas to help cope with stress, then life should be easier. Not perfect, but easier. You’ll be able to handle more pressure and accomplish more. This way, you’ll be happier and more successful in your everyday lives.