June 15, 2024

Barrow Girl Gives Year’s Pocket Money to Children’s Christmas Chairty

Lara-May, from Barrow-in-Furness, banked “every penny” given to her by family so she could spend $300 on toys for children living in poverty.

Lara-May said she found it “very sad” when learning about other families’ situations at Christmas.

The charity which will send presents to families in need described her kindness as a blessing.

Lara-May’s mom, Shelly, said her daughter had seen an advert about children not receiving Christmas presents which made her very upset.

“She saved her pocket money all year and it wasn’t until last week she actually told us what it was for,” Shelly said. “I’m so proud of her.”

Shelly said she and her daughter often help out at the community kitchen during the festive season so Lara-May understands more about people who can’t afford things.

The six-year-old explained: “I’ve been saving pennies and now I have $300 to spend on other people. It’s very sad, because some people don’t get any presents and it’s not fair to them.”

The cart of toys, which included a pack of 10 dolls and Hot Wheels games, were bought in the store Morrisons, which hosts the appeal:

  • ‘Christmas is going to be a struggle on our street’
  • ‘One in three children in North live in poverty’
  • ‘I’m the boy who saved Christmas’

Project John supports young people in Barrow and will distribute Lara-May’s gifts.

The charity officer, Nicola Kell, said the donation was “so heartwarming”.

“She’s just an absolute angel. We’re seeing more and more poverty so [there’s] massive need every year. Our ethos is no child should go without Christmas, so this is a blessing.” Mrs. Kell added.