July 16, 2024

Seniors Takeaways and Advice!

How do you feel about your senior year coming to an end?

“It’s a mix of emotions because I’m excited for a new beginning and my college life to start happening however I do feel kind of nostalgic that I’m going to stop seeing a lot of my friends since we’re going to go to different schools and I’m going to miss my teachers and the school that I’ve been going to for 4 years.” – Joanna Teresa Gracia Ivarra

“I’m excited and nervous. I can’t wait to go to college with my friends and create new experience. I’m also nervous about starting college because it’s something new, but I know I have people that can help me.”- Tatyanna Allen

“It feels bittersweet, I’m excited for the future but also sad to move on.” – Lauren Barrera

“I feel happy/excited, but in reality, I am sad. Having to go to college and make new friends, last but not least feeling alone when everyone goes their separate ways. – Briseida Pizano

“Relieved I don’t want to be a senior anymore.” – Alberto Oscar Rodríguez

What advice do you have for future seniors?

“Manage your time well and make sure to have a lot of fun at school because before you know it your senior year I going to come to an end, and you will want to have a lot of fun memories to look back on.” – Joanna Teresa Gracia Ivarra

“The advice I want to give to the future seniors is to throw yourself out there and make the best out of everything. Hang out and make new friends, join clubs, and plans in advance. Think about what you want to do as a career but also apply for scholarships and all your homework. Don’t procrastinate and enjoy your last year of high school with no regrets. Live life to the fullest.” – Khanh Vu

“Connect with others, it may seem hard to because seniors graduate, but the connections you make in high school are a foundation for making connections the rest of your life.” – Lauren Barrera

“Advice for future seniors don’t slack off just because it’s your last year.” – Jasmine Hernandez

“Please take all your opportunities, time goes by faster than you think, and I promise it is worth it. Definitely join a club or play sports, it is worth it.” – Vanessa Hernandez

“Get your stuff done really early, use your time wisely.” – Jehovah Djimtotinine

What teacher has had the most impact on you, and what will you remember about them?

“I’m going to remember Ms. Hansen the most because she has been my biggest supporter at school for 4 years, she has been my titian time teacher she’s always there for us always giving us advice and she’s just a very sweet teacher and a very good advocator for her students.” – Joanna Teresa Gracia Ivarra

“Definitely Mrs. Vredevoogd and Mrs. Stone. They helped me to begin to enjoy school again after I returned from lockdown.” – Lauren Barrera

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

“In ten years, I hope I’m living in another state in my own apartment. I also want to get a cat.” – Tatyanna Allen

“In ten years, I want to be at the very least living comfortably inside of a humble and cozy home outside of Kansas.” – Vanessa Hernandez

“In ten years, I want to have a cat and live alone.” – Jasmine Hernandez

What is the most challenging task as a senior?

“As a senior the most challenging task is staying motivated throughout the year. There have been so many obstacles and stressful things that have happened that have made me want to quit, but thinking of graduating and my friends help me stay motivated.” – Tatyanna Allen

“The most challenging task as a senior is the last semester of school.” – Jasmine Hernandez

“I would say the most challenging task as a senior is grades. The reason is because grades can be a hassle for senior year, especially teachers giving out like a stack of work and expect to have it done in a week.” – Briseida Pizano

“Trying to get caught up before the semester ends.” – Jehovah Djimtotinine

What is something you’ve learned in high school that you’ll take with yourself forever?

“High school has shown me that it is worth a long way being more extroverted and friendly, because even if you have only been friends with the same people since elementary, it doesn’t hurt to even make just one more friend, it goes a long way.” – Vanessa Hernandez

“Don’t trust people because they will literally backstab you also when you’re going to throw a girl up in the air actually focus on her legs because if you don’t you going to make her fall [Referring to cheer].” – Alberto Oscar Rodríguez