April 17, 2024

A Miracle Baby with Partia Pentalogy of Cantrell

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-Bayley’s family found out they were pregnant with her at 16 weeks and she can very well be considered a miracle baby, since she is the only living baby with Partia Pentalogy of Cantrell. She is very beautiful, bright, happy and always has big smiles through everything that  has gone on. Bayley is a strong survivor of Omphalocele, her belly is on the outside of her body because it did not make it in with everything else during her development inside her mother.

-Bayley was born at 37 weeks, weighing 4 lbs 11 oz. The doctors put a feeding tube in her right away. She was intubated her first 3 months. At the beginning of October Bayley got a trake put in her. In January she received surgery for her club foot. Shortly after, Bayleys first tooth came!!! Bayley was in the hospital for a count of 240 days and has now been home for about a month. She still currently has a feeding tube, trake, and wears a brace on her foot every night along with doing therapy exercises. Bayley is now weighing at 23 lbs 8 oz

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  •   As her parents how do you feel?

We feel excited, you know. Happy that she’s home 24/7 with us. It was scary at first but now, we are very happy!

  • What is the future for Bayley?

She will have a surgery at the age of 2 or 3 to put her tummy inside of her. At around 5, school age, she will get a scoliosis surgery. They have to be sure that her bones are thick enough to do the surgery. All of Bayleys illnesses should be good by the time she starts school.

  • How rare or common is Bayleys condition?

About 6 in a million

  • How has having Bayley affected your lifestyle or ways of life?

Everything, she requires 100% of our attention. For the positive, her smile is worth all the stress that we have.

  • Do you plan to have more children?

We don’t know yet. Bayley has all of out attention at the moment so, short term, no and long term, maybe 🙂

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-Bayley and her parents’ situation shows that not even doctors are always right. They said that Bayley would not make it when her mom was at 24 weeks. This also shows to only have sex with someone that could handle a special needs baby, no teen would be able to handle the type of stress… most adults can’t!