May 18, 2024

Texans Take No. 11 In Touchdown Wire NFL Power Rankings

The Houston Texans have graduated from being one of the also-runs in the NFL to a team technically in the playoff hunt. They have entered Week 10 as the 11th-best team in the NFL.

The No. 2 overall pick plays with a maturity under center typical of veterans, not a quarterback eight games into his burgeoning career.

The defense and special terms units also play with an attitude that reflects the spirit of rookie coach DeMeco Ryans. The technical aspects need to be refined, but the culture to play aggressive and overwhelm the opposition lends itself to more entertaining football as opposed to what passed the last two seasons.

Across the rest of the AFC South, the Tennessee Titans are No. 26. The Indianapolis Colts are No. 20. The Jackson Jaguars, the reigning division champions, climbed as far as No. 5.