May 18, 2024

Top 5 Horror Games

These games kept you late up at night and gave you paranoia. In my opinion, these are the top 5 horror games.

5. Resident Evil 4. ( January 11, 2005, PS3, PS2, Xbox360, gamecube, Wii, and PC) Publisher: Capcom. Developer: Studio 4






Resident Evil 4 is considered the greatest Resident Evil game, but its also the downfall of Resident Evil. It is more action packed than its predecessors however, it still brings a good amount of terror. Thanks to new enemy types like chainsaw guy, chainsaw twin sisters, and creeping creatures that sound like its suffocating and they can regenerate. Its best to carefully aim your shot because every shot counts. If you miss, well you just left yourself wide open. Also, you can’t forget the creepy atmosphere and soundtrack.

4. The Last Of Us ( June 14, 2013, PS3 and PS4) Publisher: Sony computer entertainment. Developer: Naughty Dog







Just a lot like Resident Evil 4. It is more of an action game, but with really good scary moments. Now it is a zombie, but it has a more realistic twist. The disease that makes the zombies in this game is REAL!! It’s called cordyceps, it infects approximately 400 species and it breaks down the host in till it dies. This disease somehow mange to jump to humans and infecting them as well. This is what makes the game really scary, so if a zombie apocalypse were to happen, it would be nature has gone wrong.

3. Dead Space (October 13, 2008, PS3, Xbox360, and PC) Publisher: EA Developer: EA redwood shores

dead space






What do you get when you combine zombies and aliens? You get Necromorphs. These creatures are terrifying and head shots won’t kill them. They also like hiding in the vents or playing dead to trick you.  You have to strategically dismember them by using your tools. As you walk through the dark creepy bloody halls of the Ishimura you hear whispers, scratching noises, screams, and something creeping up behind you.

2.Haunt:Slender ( PC )

haunt slender






What would you do if you woke up in a place you’ve never been before? I would check to see if I had a phone on me to call for help. Now I’m pretty sure a good majority of you know slender man. He’s a tall man wearing a suit, has no face, has tentacles that can stretch and he follows you around. In this game it’s actually the same thing, but it has really nice graphics and is free to play and with a bigger map. It has creepy music playing and that static sound letting you know slender is near by. Now it’s not just slender man after all, you also have ghosts coming after you (hinting at the name Haunt). You collect 12 pages that reveal the story of what happened there but be warned, each time you collect a page, he becomes even more aggressive.

1. Fatal Frame ( December 13, 2001, PS2, PSN, xbox, wii, wii U ) Publisher: Tecmo Developer: Tecmo

fatal frame  





This game still haunts me today. I’ve still yet to fully beat it, but I can easily say this is the scariest game I have ever played! You see in this game it’s not monsters or zombies, it’s ghosts and ghosts are the scariest enemies ever. Most enemies go through doors or come out of the vents, ghosts how ever come from every corner. The ceiling, wall, floor, and the worst part is that they’re hard to spot as well. What’s your weapon to fight? A camera… yep a camera, but its a ritual camera that takes pictures of evil spirits and converts that negative energy into a picture. Also, what’s really cool is that you can save these pictures to your journal and view them later. The atmosphere as well is very dark and creepy. It also doesn’t help that ominous music is playing in the background. It gets much worse when you put headphones on, you hear children laughing and other creepy stuff. Probably the worse part about this game is that it’s based on a true story.

These are my top 5 horror games of all time. I will soon be putting up a video version that will go more into depth of why these games are scary, hopefully before the next issue.