May 21, 2024

Electrical Fan (Of The Week): BONUS


Fan type: box/floor

Lasko "Box" Fan ;)
Lasko “Box” Fan 😉

Model name: Lasko 20-in 3-Speed Box Fan

Lasko 20-in 3-Speed Box Fan in white
Lasko 20-in 3-Speed Box Fan in white

Brand: Lasko

Lasko Logo
Lasko Logo

Average pricing: $17.98-$33.99


  • 3 “whisper-quiet” speeds
  • Energy-efficient
  • Lightweight design with a portable handle
  • Available in multiple different colors

Usage in media: none.

Videos: none.


Information: Lowes, ShopLasko

Pricing: Lowes, Amazon, ShopLasko

Images: Google

Videos: none.