December 4, 2023

Electrical Fan (Of The Week) 2.0: Introduction


Hello there, my name is Lucas and this is Electrical Fan (Of The Week) 2.0.  Originally I had 2 mediocre posts put up on the website ( but they were rather rushed and lacked the professional-journalism I happen to pride myself upon, so I have decided to reboot this entire “series”, if you can even call it that.  Anyways, from now on, every Friday (every single Friday from now until May 2015) I will be posting a new new to you electrical fan of the week.  I will be breaking each fan down into five different categories, including:

Fan type:

Model name:


Average pricing:


Usage in media:



As well as providing 2 pictures, a link or two, and hopefully a video or two (if available).

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “why?”, or something of that nature, so let me ask you a question, “why not?”  People are so worried nowadays about what other people think about them, or if they’re “cool” or “fit-in” and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with being a little “weird” or abnormal.  I happen to really enjoy electrical fans, I find them to be a necessity at almost all times and the sound they make relaxes me, if you really must know why, it’s really not even a big deal.  Anyways…

Hopefully you all will enjoy this series and possibly check out some of my classmates’s posts as well.  Thanks for reading, Lucas.