December 4, 2023

Haunted Places Around the World

It’s almost Halloween, time for creepy costumes and haunted houses. To get you in the mood for Halloween here’s some creepy haunted places around the world (keep in mind theres no specific order).

1.  Suicide Forest: Aokigahara, Japan

suicide forest   Just as the name says, people head here to commit suicide but not on there own. Some who are already contemplating suicide are mysteriously drawn to the forest, some survivors of suicide attempts have told they had a vague feeling of somehow being pulled or called towards the forest and having the urge to make the journey there. The forest already had mythology that said it was haunted by demons and spirits. One of them being the gruesome practice of ubosute (a custom which a sick and elderly relative was allegedly abandoned in a desolate location such as a remote mountian or forest) in Aokigahara’s case these same souls that were victims of ubosute here became vengeful ghosts relentlessly prowling the twisted trees.

2. Waverly Hills Sanatorium: Louisville, Kentucky

ky-waverly-hills-3990 The hospital opened in 1924 due to tuberculosis sweeping trough america causing overcrowded hospitals. It is believed that 60,000 people died in Waverly Hills, in addition the patients here were often mistreated or had unethical research experiments conducted on them. Due to the high deaths workers converted a supply tunnel into a “death chute” where bodies were sent down to the street for pickup so the patients would not recognize how many were dying. In the 1960’s tuberculosis was cured and waverly hills was no longer needed, it was quarantined for a year then turned into a nursing home. The nursing home was closed by the state because of patient abuse in the 1980’s and was abandoned. Visitors have told of slamming doors, lights in the windows as the power was still on, screaming from empty rooms and full body apparitions including a small boy with a leather ball, a women with bleeding wrists who cried for help, and a little girl who has been seen running up and down the third floor solarium.

3. The Castle of Good Hope: South Africa, Cape town

The_Castle_of_Good_Hope_Cape_Town1The castle was built between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company as a maritime replenishment station and is the oldest surviving colonial building in South Africa. With blood curling screams, strange voices, and footsteps, the explanation for this is believed to be the bloody history of the castle and the restless spirits of those who were tortured there centuries ago. The castle was a centre of civilian administrative and military activity for 150 years and also the site of gruesome punishments, torture and executions. Erie stories have been told of footsteps pacing along battlements between the two bastions of leerdam and buren. After World War 2, these sounds were accompanied by a floating human shape without legs, it is said this ghost could be that of a soldier who hung himself in the bell tower around 300 years ago. The bell has been reported to ring all on its own at random times during the night.

4. Ancient Ram Inn: Gloucestershire, England

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe inn was built in 1145 and was owned by St. Mary’s Church when it was first built. Priests used the Inn years ago as a keeping for slaves and workers who helped build the St. Mary’s Church. The land where the Inn was built is on the intersection of 2 lines. These are places which people believed to have high spiritual energy. If you use a map then you can trace them trough the center of stonehenge. According to the legend, stonehenge has energy which travels through the lay lines to fed the paranormal power found in the Ancient Ram Inn. In addition, an ancient pagen burial ground is reported to have resided in the location over 5000 years ago. One popular legend surrounding the Inn is that of the witch burned at the stake. She was burned at the stake in the 1500’s. A lot of people believe that the woman’s spirit still haunts one of the rooms. It is believed that the woman took refuge in one of the rooms before she was burned. Today that room is called the “the witch room”. There has also been evidence of devil worshiping and ritual sacrifice too. They discovered the skeletal remains of children under the staircase. The owner John Humphries claims to be haunted and attacked by various entities in the house on a regular basis.