December 2, 2023

Device O.T.W. Oct 6-10




The new iPad, as we said, is only marginally thicker and a little heavier than the iPad 2, and if you pick it up with no knowledge of the former, you’ll likely be mighty impressed.

The rest of the design is premium too – given you can be paying nearly $850 for a top end model, it needs to seem like a worthwhile investment, and it does.

There’s also the new lightning connector on offer, which brings the smaller, faster port for all your needs… unless your need is to use you recently purchased dock, in which case you’ll need to fork out for an adapter.

The curved edges, the oleophobic scratch-proof glass and the aluminium chassis are all the kind of thing that some Android tablets have tried to ape and failed. Of course, many will prefer the feather-light frames of some of the Samsung models but, like the screen, it really comes down to personal preference. The buttons on the new iPad are pretty sparse though – we’re talking four buttons and that’s your lot.