May 18, 2024

Kansas Turns 154 Years Old!

The Meadowlark is the Kansas state bird.

On January 29th Kansas will celebrate it’s 154th year anniversary. Here are 10 interesting facts about Kansas you might not know.


10. Kansas won the award for most beautiful license plate for the wheat plate design issued in 1981.

9. Dodge City is the windiest city in the United States.

8. Barton County is the only Kansas County that is named for a woman; the famous volunteer Civil War nurse Clara Barton.

7. In 1990 Kansas wheat farmers produced enough wheat to make 33 billion loaves of bread, or enough to provide each person on earth with 6 loaves.

6. The world famous fast-food chain of Pizza Hut restaurants opened its first store in Wichita.

5. There are 27 Walnut Creeks in the state.

4. The first woman mayor in the United States was Susan Madora Salter. She was elected to office in Argonia in 1887.

3. At Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine waterbeds for horses are used in surgery.

2. At one time it was against the law to serve ice cream on cherry pie in Kansas.

1. No one may catch fish with his bare hands.


Those are the 10 facts you may or may not have known about Kansas.




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