June 15, 2024

NFL Performance O.T.W: Week 1

With the opening week of football behind us, some eye popping performances were seen. Even though multiple performances were impressive, none of them compare to the clutch factor of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo. The Cowboys faced up against the New York Giants in a rivalry game between two division foes. What made Romo’s performance so clutch was the fact that the Cowboys were down by 6 with 1:34 left in the 4th quarter. With them being down 6, the only option was to score a touchdown and successfully convert the extra point afterwards. Romo, despite having his number one target, Dez Bryant, out with a foot injury, carried the Cowboys 72 yards down the field resulting in a 27-26 victory. Romo is often mocked for being known as a “choke artist”. Romo finished the game completing 36 of 45 passes attempted and threw for 356 yards and an impressive 3 touchdowns.