June 15, 2024

YouTuber of the Week

On February 14th, 2005, YouTube.com was created. From then onward, millions of videos have been posted from all over the world.  A new sensation that is starting to get more frequent and popular is frequent content providers (or “YouTubers”) posting a video or videos to their  channel, once or maybe even numerous times per week, every single week.

Troye Sivan, at the age of 20 years old has released numerous songs and has gotten a wide audience of millions from posting videos on YouTube mostly every week. His new extended play (commonly referred to as EP) , “Wild” (stylized “WILD”) came out September 4th, of this year and since then it has became number one on the charts in multiple countries. He is a very well admired guy by many people and just by making videos and posting them online of him in his bedroom he has grown a wide audience. He is very talented and if you want to listen to new music or watch new YouTube videos go search him up and you will not regret it.

A link to his Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TroyeSivan18

The music video for his lead single from his brand new EP: