July 16, 2024

Idea O.T.W.

Open up your cranium and let me in baby, its time to brainstorm.


Think of this, everyone knows how pirates attack and blunder another ship right? Fire the cannons to weaken opposing ships defenses, then drop the boarding planks to connect the 2 ships, then its just seek and destroy. After the bloodbath, winner not only gets glory, but they get the ships loot and supplies.

Now think of the same concept, but with school buses. Imagine being on your bus route, riding full speed down Seneca, firing canons at another bus parallel to yours, cursing them through your windows, throwing bombs, firing flintlocks. Then, eventually boarding the other bus, (yes, while the buses are moving) and having a melee battle in the tight walkwayed, low ceiling “ship”. Whichever bus loses, or is boarded, loses their tires, engine parts, backpacks, supplies, scrap metal, etc. This is just an idea Derek and I had one day on our way home.