April 17, 2024

Idea O.T.W. 10/7/15

Open up your cranium and let me in, its time to brainstorm.

Here’s an idea for your stealing pleasure, imagine a world where all problems are solved with violence. Envision a classroom where the teacher allows students to take their issues out in the hall and savagely beat one another until they were satisfied.
Think all the possibilities the story could expand on:

1. How does this lifestyle contrast from today’s society?future society
2. How did the world come to this acceptance of brutality?
3. Where would the line of violent acceptance be drawn?
4. How would war be viewed, or how would war be advanced or set-back? Would war even be a huge part of that worlds culture?
5. Would the world be better off because of this ruling? Would it be in a worse position for it?

However, if you steal this idea for an English paper, you must include the word Seth somewhere inside.