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Editor’s Note No. 1 – “What makes a good editor-in-chief?”

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Hello SHS the Torch staff,

All quarter long I’ve offered you my help so now I’m asking for some assistance in return.  I’m asking you guys, as my right-hand Newspaper staff, classmates and fellow South High Titans to answer the following question: What makes a good editor-in-chief?, in the comments below.  (Any tips, tricks, ideas or criticism are all welcomed and shall be taken into account by yours truly.  Thanks!)

-Lucas PollardSHS the Torch, Editor-In-Chief

9 thoughts on “Editor’s Note No. 1 – “What makes a good editor-in-chief?”

  1. I think that a good editor in chief needs to be very patient , and it’s also important to be well read in your position. You also need someone you can work well with to improve your skills.

  2. Honestly, a good editor-in-cheif has one of the biggest jobs. They look over the papers and help correct any errors(grammar, spelling, etc.).

  3. A good editor in chief is a person with the courage to criticize someone’s work, without fear of angry, (or even violent) lash-back for the greater good of said persons growth as a journalist. A good editor in chief is also a person with high skills in a writing and vocabulary field, as they are necessary to ensure high quality content. When an individual reads the posts and stories on The Torch, I know I want them to feel like their supply of in-school news is coming from an educated source. Along with these credentials, a good editor in chief has the determination to not only create their own stories and posts, but to assist those they work side by side with on improving areas that are weaker to their character as an online news author, and as an individual. So, in all honesty, I feel like there is no one else who could be editor in chief. I personally don’t think anyone else in this room could bear the burden of juggling others work in with their own and still being able to support their grades in other classes.

  4. A good editor in chief, in my opinion, shouldn’t sugar coat his/her reasonings as to why something should be changed.

  5. A good editor in chief is someone who is not afraid of telling others what they did wrong ! They are independent , patient , and very respectful. Also A good editor in chief is someone who is helpful to others when they need it.

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