December 2, 2023

Song O.T.W: Ariana Grande You Dont Know Me

Ariana Grande You Don’t Know Me

This song of the week is You Don’t Know Me by Ariana Grande. I like and choose this song because she explains how in her relationship, the person would toldĀ her who she was. They wanted her to be perfect and be the best of everyone and she disagrees saying she’s not perfect and no one is perfect in this world. People want way to much out of other people in a relationship. they want whoever their dating to have the perfect hair, perfect face, perfect attitude and she’s disagreeing to it all, so the point in this song is telling you dont judge no one is perfect. This song has a story behind every lyric.8c6c3a292405b298ef99a1232e3a7ba2.424x330x1