December 2, 2023

Holiday Party Ideas: Christmas

Secret Santa

For those who don’t know, secret Santa is a gift exchange. A week or two before the party, everyone puts their name on slips of paper, they get mixed around, and everyone draws a name. You buy a gift for the name you got, and on the day of the party, the exchanges happen.

South High Newspaper Staff 2018

Ugly Sweater

Usually reserved for office parties, an ugly Christmas sweater party is the perfect opportunity to show off your seasonal sweater. It’s an easy option because you don’t need to focus too much on the food and decorations, just make sure there’s lots of red and green. Desserts can be more sweater themed with sweater shaped cookies and cake. For extra motivation for people to wear extremely Christmasy sweaters, have a contest for the best/worst ugly sweater.

Gingerbread house

At a gingerbread house party, there are pre-made houses which you spend the party decorating, or you can go all out and make the houses from scratch. This type of party is better for a smaller group, having a large group is chaotic, and a bit more pricey.


A Grinch party is exactly what it sounds like. The decorations and food are all inspired by the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The basics would be to have a lot of green, whimsical foods, and red hearts. For more food, drink, decoration, and favor ideas, visit

Pajama Party

This kind of party can go two ways: You can either have a pajama movie night, or a full-out pajama party. For the movie night, all you need are matching pajamas, hot chocolate, and plenty of Christmas movies. A pajama party is more about the outfits than the decorations. As long as everyone is wearing their pajamas, the decorations can just be the stereotypical Christmas ones.

Winter Wonderland

Having a winter wonderland dinner party works best if you have a big dining room table. The easiest way to find decorations and food is to just have anything white, silver and light blue. There are also lots of snowflakes included in the theme.