June 15, 2024

Is it Ever Okay to Ghost Someone?

The Urban Dictionary definition for ghosting is “When a person cuts off all communication with their friends or the person they’re dating, with zero warning or notice beforehand”.

71 percent of South High students admitted to having been ghosted at least once in their life while 80 percent admitted to having ghosted someone. While no one enjoys the feeling of being ignored, sometimes it is the last resort to a way out. One student justified ghosting someone by saying, “if they don’t take the hint then ghosting is the way to go”. Others think it’s okay to ghost someone if they aren’t comfortable with talking things out not just because the other person doesn’t listen, but because they don’t want to be convinced to keep going with that relationship.

The 29 percent who have never experienced being ghosted are people who are in a stable long term relationship or not looking for one at all. Only 20 percent of students have never ghosted someone and they are either the same person or are in a similar situation as the ones who have never been ghosted. Different reasons given as to why ghosting is not okay included “you playing with their feelings”, “it hurts the other person and it makes them think that they’re a boring person and not worth people’s time”, and “because it leaves the other person in the dark and leaves them trying to figure out what they did wrong”.

While it may not be the nicest way to go it is effective as long as you aren’t both involved in the same things. If it’s someone you see regularly or can’t avoid you probably shouldn’t ghost them. It’s better to just talk it out so you won’t have awkward run-ins with them. Talk about it with your friends if you can’t figure out what to do. They will most likely convince you to talk it out but they will support you regardless of your choice.