May 21, 2024

Social Anxiety

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According to the ADAA, 5 million adults have social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety disorder, also called SAD is a mental health condition that gives you irrational anxiety in social situations. This disorder can be cured with therapy, but that doesn’t make it any less serious. Having social anxiety is difficult because it can affect your everyday tasks like school or work; overcoming it might be even more difficult.

When someone with social anxiety is in a social situation, they might start getting overwhelmed and uncomfortable. In some cases they might start sweating, heavy breathing, getting a headache, or a stomach ache. The most common social anxiety triggers are meeting new people, public speaking, being watched while doing something, making phone calls, eating in public, and being called on in class. These are not all of the triggers and some people might have more or less.

The USA has one of the highest rates of anxiety at 6.64% compared to other countries according to Many believe the cause for this is social media because many studies have shown that social media can cause social anxiety Taking a break from social media is needed, especially when it is affecting your well-being. Other ways to help social anxiety include:

  • Talking with a therapist – a therapist can offer more insight, coping methods, and guidance
  • Challenging those negative thoughts – when you begin to think negative thoughts, try challenging them and replacing them with positive ones
  • Taking small steps – instead of taking huge steps take some small ones like raising your hand in class, complimenting someone, or talking with a cashier
  • Trying relaxation techniques – a relaxation technique might include breathing exercises or yoga

With COVID-19 cases rising many people might not be able to get therapy in person. There are many options to get therapy online as an alternative. Some options are:

  • BetterHelp – Best Overall
  • Talkspace – Best for Insurance Coverage
  • ReGain – Best for Couples
  • Faithful Counseling – Best for a Christian Perspective
  • Pride Counseling – Best for LGBTQ Community
  • TeenCounseling –  Best for Teens
  • Wellnite – Best for Prescription Medication
  • Doctor on Demand – Best for Non-English Speakers
  • Larkr – Best for Groups