May 19, 2024

Covid Woes for the Football World

A big concern in the giant world of football is the still present concern of Covid-19. Two of the biggest leagues, LaLiga in Spain and the Premier League in England, did not want their players to play internationally for their countries, especially those who would’ve played in hotspot countries such as Brazil.

Allison, Brazil’s star goalkeeper for Liverpool

The Premier League went as far as to temporarily not allow players to play for their countries, but it was short lived after discussing it with FIFA Officials, the group that sets up the World Cup, which will be taking place in Qatar.

Stadium in Qatar where matches will be played in during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Player’s are now starting to join their national teams as major leagues go on International Break, but the threat of many star players missing extended amount of time due to this rampant virus still lingers

Cristiano Ronaldo training with his country Portugal