April 15, 2024

New study confirms hot dogs are taking away a percentage of our lives. Have you ever sat down during a sporting event, celebrating 4th of July, or just having dinner and starting chowing down on a few hot dogs? Well a new study from the University of Michigan suggests hot dogs take away 36 minutes off of your life. Hot dogs are a known carcinogenic along with many other processed meats so this news isn’t completely unbelievable.

You also might be saying to yourself, but 36 minutes isn’t a long time because it really isn’t; unless you are award winning competitive eater, Joey Chestnut. Chestnut has eaten approximately 19,200 hot dogs in the past 16 years, This leads to dark implications about Chestnut’s health and lifespan. Some have done the math and realized Chestnut has lost around 1.3 years of his life, despite this seemingly bad news Chestnut at 37 says he’s doing well and staying healthy in his diet.