May 19, 2024

Devious licks

What is Devious Lick and How did It start?

Devious Licks is a huge trend that is taking over middle and high schools all over the country. The Devious Licks trend originated from a Tiktok user “jugg4elias”. It all began on September 1st when a video was posted on Tiktok of a student that had taken a box of disposable masks from their school. The viral Tiktok followed with the caption “A month into school…absolutely devious lick. Should’ve brought a mask from home.”

This photo was taken on September 20th, 2021 at a high school in South Florida.

Once that video started going viral many students started taking random items from their school. Random items such as toilet paper, soap/paper towel dispensers, doors, toilets, projectors, and even turf from football fields. They did not only take property, but they started vandalizing their schools. Students would clog the toilets with paper towels, break mirrors, punch holes in doors and tables. The whole situation has effected not only the schools but the administrators, school security, and most importantly the custodians.

Despite this horrible trend, there is a positive trend going around called Angelic Yields or Reverse Devious Lick. Angelic Yields is a movement that was made to go against the Devious Lick trend. This has had more positive outcomes. Such as leaving loads of toilet paper, soap, doormats, mirrors, and more at school offices. Many families and organizations are donating school/sanitary supplies and money to their nearby schools because they notice that they are getting a lot of items stolen at this time.

What actions are being made?

In result of this trend many schools are trying to prevent this issue by locking restrooms, taking doors off of empty classrooms, and increasing security. Administrators from many schools have begged their students to stop feeding into the popular trend. They are even enforcing major punishments for those who participate and/or share videos of this movement. Other than school staff, many social media platforms are trying to end the trend as well. Tiktok removed the video after approx. 400k views and banning the account. While the rest of the platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr) have all deleted the “#deviouslick” which all together had approximately 175 million views.