May 19, 2024

Playing Brain Games

Puzzles, board games, crosswords, and escape rooms are all sources to make your brain stimulate. They engage your brain and give you a sense of success when you complete one. Many say these kinds of games can help with things like memory loss and dementia but a lot of researchers do not have any evidence to back this up but, I believe that these can really help because these games are like physical trainers for your brain. Brain exercises can help build reading skills, speed of responding, and memory issues! This is why I feel like brain puzzles can help us have stronger brains too.

I’m using my observational evidence to try and prove that puzzles can help you. When sitting there and working on a puzzle, your brain is constantly at work trying to find the correct answer/spot, so if your brain is mentally active throughout life, it reduces the risk of dementia developing later on. There are even brain fitness programs where it improves your memory by sitting at a computer that it increases the speed of processing aural information and in one one of the programs they listen to noises and try to determine the direction of the sound, Hopefully there will be new brain technology to figure out if all these thing actually improve your memory and not just stimulate and make you feel more brain strong.

84% of people say that games have positively impacted their mental and improved levels of IQ. since their is no evidence of this beside the observations we can make so for now i’m just going to believe mind sharpening games can really help you and build your brain because those are all sources of brain exercise. brain exercises= strong brain.