December 4, 2023

The Backrooms

Dimensions alternate or failure of the Matrix?

Many people have various theories about the world; some believe that it’s all a simulation and we don’t exist. Some people believe in other dimensions or parallel universes where some details are different from real life, but everything else seems the same.

Have you ever no-clipped out of reality and ended up in the Backrooms? You better hope you never do.

The Backrooms were introduced in 2019 on a 4chan thread for “cursed images.” They posted a picture of the famous dingy yellow room illuminated with fluorescent lights it’s now identified as level 0 of the backrooms.


The word Kenopsia is the eerie feeling of seeing a place abandoned that was once full of people. Photos of kenopsia places like abandoned shopping malls, empty airports, school hallways late at night, and other lonely places that evoke feelings of dissociation and disquiet have become popular online. They have been rumored to be the gateway to the backrooms.

Level 0

The default level, or level 0, is the first level of the backrooms, which many humans have encountered. All rooms in this maze appear the same and share features such as yellowed wallpaper, damp carpet, and buzzing fluorescent lights. However, no two rooms on this level are identical. Due to the similar walls/rooms, it’s extremely difficult to navigate where to go and where you started. Navigational devices such as compasses and GPS locators fail to function within this level, radio communications are also unreliable at this level. In this level, there are creatures known as “Entities” who rarely wander the rooms. These entities are not human and are not as dangerous as higher levels. It is, however, rumored that the entities are humans who have failed to exit the level.

Other Levels

The main canon levels in the Backroom lore are called “The Main Nine, they range from 0 through 8 and are the first levels to start in.

  • Level 0- “The Lobby”
  • Level 1- “Habitable Zone”
  • Level 2- “Pipe Dreams”
  • Level 3- “Electrical Station”
  • Level 4- “Office”
  • Level 5- “Terror Hotel”
  • Level 6- “Lights Out”
  • Level 7- “The Flooded House”
  • Level 8- “The Cave System”

Unconfirmed levels (also called mythic levels) are levels past level 8. While they are rumored to exist, they lack enough substantial evidence from reliable sources to confirm their existence. There are also “Sub-Levels” that are considered to be the in-betweens of other levels. They are numbered in decimals, for example, Level 0.1 (Danger Zone). Along with sub-levels, there are Negative Levels that are below Level 0; however, these levels tend to be more dangerous than The Main Nine.

Things to bring

If you happen to be traveling to the backrooms here are some essentials that you will need to have a successful trip.

  • First Aid kit- This is a no-brainer, it’s quite easy to get injured in the backrooms; therefore you will need ways to treat your injured self
  • A weapon- Having a weapon is lethal to your survival when encountering entities and even other humans, it is advised that the weapon be a sharp object
  • Backpack- This is very important because it’s the thing that will keep all your objects in one place
  • Timer or watch- Time is scattered in reality, so it is completely up to one’s perception. Not keeping track of one’s time can lead you to wander in the Backrooms for hours or even weeks without noticing, or losing track of reality

Whatever you do, DO NOT PANIC! Panicking causes you to lose your senses and you will make noise, which will attract unwanted visitors.