December 7, 2023

South High Rehearsal

This month many students at South High in Wichita Kansas have been working hard on an upcoming play. This play is about 9/11 and the perspectives of those who are suffered. David Rimmer wrote this play to raise funds for volunteer psychiatrists who were helping the overwhelming number of patients affected by 9/11. It’s such a great opportunity for students to dive deeper and learn more about those who were affected by 9/11.

Kalon Kirk is one of the students who I talked to about this upcoming play. Kalon said he felt great when he got the part, especially since he’s one step closer to becoming a thespian troupe. He explained that a thespian troupe is “the organization that theatre students get inducted into after you meet the requirements and have the necessary experience. A thespian is basically an official actor.” Since he is so passionate about becoming a thespian troupe he is super excited about the play! He said, “it is really interesting to see the perspectives of the victims and families affected by 9/11.”

Franki Dixon is a sophomore and an understudy for the play. “An understudy is when the person who got the role, is sick or anything, I have to step up and take over”, she explained. She is so happy to be involved and even got the part on her birthday! She said “it was my very first audition so I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I did great! I was so happy and I still am.”

Another student who I talked to is Aumario Landrum. He was shocked when he got the part! and he told me “I didn’t even know if I wanted it but the drama teacher really pushed me to audition and I did.” He’s also super nervous because of the big crowd that is going to be there on September 30th and October 1st at 7:00pm. He said “I don’t know how I will handle being in front of a massive crowd, all eyes on me!”

Aumario Landrum at rehearsal
Estrella De La Luz at rehearsal