May 19, 2024

Pep Rally at South High

School spirit has always been an issue at South High, the students hardly participate in spirit weeks nor pep rallies. But for some, those are the highlights of their high school careers. When students heard this year’s pep rally plan, they were angry and upset. Administration had planned to have this season’s pep rally during an evacuation drill and only planned to announce the homecoming court.

Senior cheerleader, Lexi Moore, was more than disappointed when the news broke. She wrote a letter to administration that stated “As a senior, I have been robbed of my sophomore and junior years, and I prayed for this year to make up for the lost memories,” in her opening statement. When asked about the letter she wrote, Moore said “I wrote this letter because I don’t agree with the way administration is handling pep assemblies or anything involved with student spirit. I feel like after losing 1.5 years of real school, we deserve to make this year more amazing than ever. The principle said to make an impact, so hopefully he’ll take us [students] serious and listen,” Tara Rodgers, teacher and coach, also had a statement to make “this group of students is inspiring! They want to make the school feel spirited and get kids involved but they feel like they are not being given the opportunity and support to make it happen. The seniors are very passionate about this and I will always be proud of them for advocating for themselves and pushing for positive change.”

Although the pep rally was changed, the tradition of the South High Spirit Stick was not played at the rally which caused students to remain upset. It is still prevalent and very obvious that the spirit at South High needs reformation.