June 15, 2024

South High Homecoming 2021

South High is back to welcome its returning students with homecoming. The homecoming tradition sees another day, after being cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and back with a bang! Starting the homecoming week with school spirit, spirit week included days like jersey day, twin day, 90’s day, meme day, and class colors day. At the end of Friday we saw a great pep rally which really energized the school for that night.

The game and dance had great turnout and everyone behaved well while having a fun time. South had an amazing homecoming game, where they held a 70 point lead over north. The marching band and cheer teams gave the crowd a special homecoming halftime show. Mr. Rogers, the principle of south, had some positive words about the night, “I thought it went really well, the game was great we won 70 to 0, I thought the football team the coaches did a great job, afterwards we had a dance we had well over 200 students, no issues, problems, they had a great time, DJ was great. It was a good evening.” Rodgers wasn’t the only one with positive words, “I feel like we really pulled it together, the first three games we were kind of disassembled as a team and this game we really pulled it together” Mathew Godsey a junior, on the football game.

Aumario Landrum and Elizabeth “Ellie” Vizcarra-Bedoy winning homecoming king and queen
Touchdown scored by TJ Neal from south
(Left to right) Homecoming court Nicki Culp, David Campos, Amy Nguyen, Jace Casillas, Ellie Vizcarra-Bedoy, Aumario Landrum