May 21, 2024

Overrated Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time for everyone of all ages to dress up in fun costumes and go to parties or go trick-or-treating. However, some costumes we see so often that they get boring and annoying to see EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I asked around, and these were the costumes that were the ones brought up the most. It’s okay to wear these costumes, but you still have time to do better.

Angels and Devils

Angels and Devil

Whether you actually dress the part or only do makeup, this look for two has been seen a million times and needs to go. Please, put on an actual costume that at least takes one brain cell to think of.

Purge masks

Purge Masks which are seen in the 2013 movie

The first Purge movie came out eight years ago; you need to let go. Putting a mask on and having a white T-shirt with red ‘blood’ slats on it is child play. Be more creative if you’re going to have a purge mask or find another costume.

Erotic Religious figures

Erotic nun

These costumes are like erotic nuns, Jesus, priests, etc. In a way, these costumes mock religion and do not sit right with plenty of people. There is no need to make religion sexy.

Cultural Appropriation Costumes

Hindu Culture, Native American Culture, and Black Facing (Crazy eyes or Susan from OSTNB)

Speaking of not sitting right with people, Halloween is no excuse for culturally appropriating cultures. Please try again and find a new costume that does not offend people’s cultures. Whether it’s black facing or wearing Mexican, Indian, Native American, Middle Eastern, and Asian costumes, there is no other to say this, but you’re racist. Do better.

Playboy Bunnies

Kylie Jenner in Playboy costume

The Playboy Bunny costume has a sexual background which is the first thing that comes to mind when people hear it. Some feel that this costume is inappropriate because of what it represents. If you choose to wear this, at least be of legal age because if there’s anything worse than wearing this costume, then wearing it underage.

Harley Quinn/Joker

‘Great Value’ Harley Quinn and Joker

Now I am not shaming these iconic toxic lovers, but the one look I see the most is the one from Suicide Squad. If you decide to wear these costumes, wear a different version of them. It’ll look 10x better and will be much more unique.