December 2, 2023

Product Prices Rise

Around the world, especially in the United States, products have began to rise in price. Grocery stores have shocked customers on how much their regular items that they buy cost now.

And it’s not just stores, but restaurants too. McDonald’s Happy Meals, Uber Eats and their high delivery fees, and Chipotle raising their prices to 4%, which is 40 extra cents per meal.

“Last week, I spent two-hundred fifty dollars to buy groceries, and now here I am, out buying more groceries again.” A local Walmart customer said.

“I think it’s frustrating especially for a place like Walmart where a lot of families go to shop,” said Alianna Weightman. “I think its just better places that are like this that serve a lot of families of the lower class to keep lower prices so families can build up savings instead of spending it on groceries all the time.”

Customers are now saying that they’re now getting less of a product, but for a higher price, which is bad on people who earn low wage from jobs they work at. Tire companies also are raising prices for their tires, which is irritating people even more.

As well as the exception for house price raising, it is becoming harder for people to buy homes for themselves. Houses, now used to be at least 358,258.60 US Dollars, now are 364,453.49 US Dollars.