April 17, 2024

What is Art Club?

Art club is an after school group where kids who enjoy art get together and do what they enjoy. So far they have made their own bookmarks to potentially sell to students and staff around the school. They carved pumpkins for an event at Botanica. In the future, they plan on going on field trips, just around Wichita, but hopefully they will get to travel in a different city. Art club is on Mondays at 2:35 until 4:00, that being said, school ends at 3:10 so when that bell rings more than half of the students leave because they don’t have a ride after 3:10. The club started with approximately 100 student, maybe less, but now they have 65, and only about 20 of those stay till 4:00.

If you’d like to join or have any questions you can contact Mrs. Vasquez at mvasquez1@usd259.net or Mrs. Chamberlain at echamberlain@usd259.net.