May 22, 2024

National Bologna Day

You read that right. On the 24th of October every year, people across America band together to make bologna-based foods. So on Sunday, get ready to make that perfect bologna sandwich

Bologna, or less commonly Baloney, is named after a city in Italy of the same name. Bologna is made from cured meat, a variety of spices, and lard. The meat can be anything, from beef to chicken to even venison. These ingredients are mixed via emulsion, incased in tubing such as animal intestines, and cured. Bologna is often compared to mortadella, a key difference being that mortadella is not emulsified, leading to chunks of lard.

Notice how the mortadella (left) isn’t as uniform as the bologna (right)

There are many ways to make a bologna sandwich. You can toast the bread, add sauces like spicy mustard, perhaps top the meat with lettuce or tomato, or even fry the bologna! National Bologna Day is the perfect chance to get creative with this funny meat, so prepare your pantry for baloney goodness this 24th!

A blank canvas, perfect for getting imaginative